Hagerty’s Collector Car Insurance

By joanne lemna | July 14, 2017

During Canada’s summer months countless car shows and cruises are happening all over the country put on by one of the over 800 classic vehicle clubs and attended by an estimated 400000 collectors. The vehicles brought to these shows range from priceless originals to tricked out roadsters or beautifully restored classics. These vehicles aren’t like regular cars so they require unique protection.

Why Collector Car Insurance?

A collector car is used and valued very differently than an everyday vehicle and your insurance should reflect that. You’ll save money and ensure that your collector car is adequately protected – and should the worst happen you’ll get what it’s worth. To read more about the difference between regular car insurance and collector car insurance click here .

Who qualifies for collector car insurance?

If you’ve been driving for over ten years and have a good driving record you’ll likely qualify for this type of insurance coverage. Talk to your broker to find out if you’re eligible.

What vehicles are considered collector cars?

Collector cars are usually at least 15 years old and are worth more than their “scrap value.” These vehicles are usually sought by others for pleasure driving collecting or display. Modified vehicles replicas decommissioned service vehicles and replicas are also considered to be collector cars as long as they are street legal. Vehicles currently under restoration can also be insured with comprehensive coverage for their current value (with a slow increase over time and as work is completed). For eligibility details talk to your broker .

Hagerty Collector Car Insurance

Hagerty is one of the leading providers of collector car insurance across North America. Their valuation guide is internationally recognized and means payouts are agreed value without hassles or deduction – there’s no need for appraisals. They offer expert 24/7 claims handling including online claims report stock replacements and they employ parts specialists on staff. You can choose your repair shop or even opt to be paid to do your own repairs. They also offer a buy back option if the vehicle is deemed a total loss.

Hagerty doesn’t restrict how much you drive either. Drive your vehicle as much as you want – there’s no fixed kilometre maximum and you’re covered all over Canada and the US. The only rule is that the vehicle must be for pleasure only – no commercial vehicles and no daily drivers. That means you must drive your collector car to work less than 20 times per year and you do not use it for any commercial purpose.

Another benefit is access to roadside services that are specially tailored for collector cars: a flatbed tow truck with soft straps is guaranteed every time and there are no hidden fees. There are several levels of roadside service to choose from in order to best fit your budget and collector lifestyle. Another bonus? Hagerty’s car enthusiast magazine.

Hagerty Goes Above and Beyond

Hagerty donates 10% of its net revenue back into the collector car hobby through their Historical Vehicle Association and Hagerty Education Program. Brokers frequently attend car shows and they’re always happy to help answer your questions. As a customer you receive top quality service and an insurance policy that truly appreciates and protects your collector car.

 Talk to your broker today to find out if you and your vehicle qualify for this coverage.