DriveShare by Hagerty

By viola wallace | February 20, 2018

Humans are communal by nature and it’s no wonder the sharing economy is getting stronger by the day. DriveShare by Hagerty is tapping into that by enabling car lovers to drive the cars of their dreams without the hassles associated with ownership.  The service connects owners of classic vintage and other out-of-the-ordinary cars with those seeking to drive those cars on a rental basis.

For a membership fee members are able to enjoy the benefits of access to these collector vehicles for short periods whether for a few hours or a few days and pay for its usage. DriveShare by Hagerty has an assortment of unique vehicles which include a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 1979 Ferrari 308 . Recent models like Prius hybrids and Yaris compacts are also available.

If you are a car enthusiast who wants to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping feeling of driving a particular car model without actually owning a car then being part of the DriveShare community will help you live your dreams. Perhaps you’re looking to rent a classic car in Alberta for a special event such as a wedding. This is a perfect solution! 

Either way you are set free from the obligations that go with ownership of those premium or classic cars. It’s cheaper as you only pay for the time and distance which you drive – no fixed costs like car loan repayments maintenance insurance etc.

If you’re the owner of such vehicles DriveShare has benefits for you too. One you get the enjoyment of seeing others celebrating big moments with your beautiful car. Two and probably most important to many you can offset the cost of maintaining your car by renting it out. 

Who can join DriveShare?

As with any good membership organization you do have to meet certain conditions . All applicants are pre-screened in order to prevent the entry of anyone whose membership might dent the reputation of the community. First of all you must have a valid driver’s license and you must be at least 30 years old. A check of your driving history is done and if you are found to have a history of reckless driving or other undesirable conduct behind the wheels your membership application may be rejected. Also if the background check turns up a criminal conviction in the last 10 years you can consider yourself ineligible. Sounds harsh? Well let’s not forget that the behavior of one person can negatively impact a whole community. besides we’re talking high end classic and collector vehicles here. Extra care does need to be taken.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Remember though that when your car is used in the car sharing space then your personal car insurance might not provide appropriate cover. This is mainly because there are added risks associated with strangers driving your car. Besides with car-sharing you are using your car to make money which takes it out of the realm of personal use and into commercial or business use. 

Fortunately car sharing services like DriveShare by Hagerty provide the necessary liability collision and comprehensive insurance in case of a renter damages someone else’s car or the car is stolen from them. Such coverage is subject to the terms conditions and exclusions of the policy set out by the insurer and sharing platform. Ensure you understand this clearly before you sign up. You can always talk to your broker if you have any questions!