Do I need special insurance for an RV?

By Sam Lemna | October 8, 2021

If you’re new to RVing you might think that you don’t need RV insurance. Or you might be wondering exactly how you insure an RV. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! At RV Direct, we’re RV insurance experts, specializing in insuring motorhomes, trailers, park models and mobile homes.  

If you own an RV, you should have special insurance for it: RV insurance. It offers the best value for coverage and price.  

Is RV insurance required? 

RV insurance is required in certain circumstances: 

  • If your RV is financed, you will normally be required to have physical damage coverage on your RV. 
  • If you rent a lot or site, you may be required to have premises liability and/or physical damage coverage.  
  • If you own a motorhome, you’ll be required to have third party liability, direct compensation for property damage and accident benefits coverages like all vehicles on the road. 

Otherwise, RV insurance is optional. However, if something unexpected happens and you don’t have insurance, you’ll be paying those expenses out of pocket.  

Does car insurance cover my RV? 

If you’re towing a trailer, your vehicle’s third-party liability will extend to your trailer. It will not cover any physical damage or anything else, nor will it cover another type of RV. 

Does my home insurance cover my RV?  

Some home insurance companies allow you to add trailers to your policy. However, the coverage is often limited and may not be adequate for the value of your trailer.  

You cannot add a motorhome insurance, mobile home insurance or park model insurance to a home policy. 

Do I need special insurance for my RV? 

If you want proper protection for your RV, yes, you will need special insurance. We offer: 

The Benefits of RV Insurance 

Here are the benefits of RV insurance for your motorhome, trailer or mobile home: 

  • It’s specifically designed for your RV and RVing scenarios.  
  • It often has better coverage than a general policy.  
  • It’s usually more affordable than a general policy. 
  • It offers perks like emergency vacation expenses and roadside assistance, depending on the policy and type of RV you’re insuring.  
  • It helps reduce the financial impact of an unexpected event. 

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