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Gift Ideas for RV Campers

Are you wondering what gift to get someone who loves camping? Don’t worry we’ve got lots of suggestions whether it’s for a birthday Christmas or…

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When Should I Contact My RV Insurance Broker?

Keep your RV insurance broker in the loop whenever something changes. This includes if you: Change your contact information.  Move.  Sell your RV (or buy…

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Pros and Cons of Full-Time RV Living

Are you thinking about living full-time in your RV? We’ll go over the pros and cons of full-time RV living as well as expected costs…

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Financing an RV

An RV opens up a whole new world for outdoor adventures. You can extend your camping season stay warm and dry during wet weather and…

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Full Timers RV Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Full timers insurance is an optional add-on coverage for your RV insurance. It extends your protection to better reflect your needs as someone who lives…

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What RV insurance loss settlement option is best?

An RV loss settlement option determines the amount or kind paid out to you in the event of a total loss claim. In this scenario…

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How to Deal with Wind in an RV

Most of the time the wind isn’t too big of a deal in an RV. However as wind gusts climb past 80 km/h or 100…

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5 Best Boats to Bring Camping

Human-powered boats are a great way to experience Alberta’s incredible scenery get active and have some fun. Why no engines? Without motors you have far…

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How to Child-Proof an RV

A kid’s curiosity plus their mobility equals a serious talent for getting into scrapes tumbles and generally causing mom or dad to get grey hair….

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