Camping Etiquette

By viola wallace | March 20, 2018

Whether you’re a first-time camper or an old hand at it you should be aware of the basic etiquette of camping. Respect for these basic camping rules is what keeps everyone sane and happy especially during peak camping season when campgrounds are packed with people. So before you pack up and hit the campground for what will hopefully be a fun outdoor experience take some time to familiarize yourself with simple camping etiquette so that you and your fellow campers can enjoy a peaceful rejuvenating and worthwhile camping time.

1. Keep the noise level down.

It’s easy to be loud in a campground – conversation music laughter… but you don’t want to be keeping others awake. Being noisy annoys other people especially when they’re trying to sleep. Recognize that the campground is a shared space and tents do not keep out noise the way walls do. And that’s a good thing.

If in doubt as to what constitutes noise play it safe. A good rule of thumb would be to treat late at night and early in the morning as quiet times. Talk quietly if you are playing music or singing do it at low volumes and do not slam car doors.

2. Keep the campsite clean.

Before you leave the campsite pack away everything including the trash. If you brought it in take it with you or put it in the trash or recycling. That includes organic waste like fruit peels or paper. Remember people coming next will pitch their tent more or less at the same spot and they shouldn’t have to clean up after you.

Another concern is wildlife. Trash and things left behind attract animals to the campground which is dangerous for both campers and animals alike.

3. Don’t walk through other’s campsites.

We naturally like to take shortcuts to reduce the amount of time it takes to get somewhere. At the campsite a bathroom might be that much closer if you cut through a few tents instead of going through the designated route. Don’t do it. Seeing your elongated shadow pass by their tents and having your footsteps disturb their peace and quite may be quite annoying to other people.

4. Don’t camp too close to other campers.    

Choose a site that is not taken and ideally located a good distance from other tents. One of the reasons people go on camping is to get away for a while and enjoy wide-open space in the nature. Don’t cramp them in by pitching your tent too close to theirs.

Of course sometimes you’re in campgrounds that are already laid out. In that case if you ever need privacy consider your tent position or putting up a tarp.

5. Dogs may be allowed but keep them under control.

Some campsites are dog friendly others are not. If you’re in a dog friendly site ensure your dog does not disturb others. If your dog is territorial and has a habit of barking at strangers it is better to leave it at home. Moreover dogs at the campsite should not be left unattended. If you plan on playing ball games do it in an open field far away from the campsite.

6. Be friendly.

Being away from the city often brings out the best in many of us. People are friendlier. Be friendly in return. While you don’t need to spend hours chatting to your camp neighbour you shouldn’t rebuff every greeting or attempts to be friendly. Don’t be irritated if someone asks for some sugar or a lighter or help to pitch their tents share if you can and even if you can’t be polite about it.

Follow these rules and you’re bound to be a model camper. And while you’re at it don’t forget your  RV insurance . This will safeguard all your essential camping equipment in the event of an accident storm fire or theft. Speak to your insurance broker to find what kind of coverage you need.