Aviva ERS: Emergency Roadside Assistance for Trailers

By | October 16, 2018

As I’m sure you can imagine towing a trailer makes your life much more difficult in the event you run out of gas blow a tire or your truck decides to quit. A regular tow truck can’t come get your rig and you’re often on the highway far from any city. Even if you’ve got no problem changing a tire having a trailer makes things a lot more challenging. That’s why all Aviva travel trailer policies include ERS emergency roadsie assistance.

ERS Basic

Every Aviva travel trailer policy includes ERS Basic. This gets you limited roadside assistance when you’re towing your trailer. This includes:

  • towing
  • battery boost
  • flat tire service
  • fuel delivery
  • lock-out

ERS Elite

You have the option of upgrading to ERS Elite which includes all the above services with increased towing coverage. It also includes access to a few great services including:

  • Trip planning and travel advice
  • Trip interruption protection
  • Discounts on hotels and rental cars
  • Emergency medical advice
  • Pet assistance
  • Concierge services

Basic or Elite: ERS is Worth It

Whether you go for basic or elite coverage this roadside assistance program often works out to be less expensive than other programs. You’re covered anywhere in Canada and the US and tow operators will be equipped and trained to deal with your rig. Using ERS doesn’t count as a claim so you don’t have to worry about your insurance premium rising if you need to use the service.

Another bonus? ERS also covers your tow vehicle even if you’re not towing as long as you’re on a vacation with your trailer. So let’s say your trailer is at your campsite but you drove nearby to hike. Your truck runs out of gas on the way back to the campground. No problem your ERS can help!

The Fine Print

If you break down you’re generally towed to the nearest repair facility. It’s free until you exceed the number of kilometres covered by the program at which point you’ll have to cover the difference.

You can call any time and as often as you like but roadside assistance is restricted to four calls per policy year and trip planning is limited to three trips per policy year (for ERS Elite). There’s no limit on the other services!

You won’t have to pay for service up front Aviva covers your expenses up until the policy limit at which point you are responsible for payment.

Emergency roadside assistance is a great perk of RV insurance . While it can’t prevent everything from going wrong it can get you back on the road with less hassle and expense. If you have any questions about ERS or your RV insurance talk to your broker .