Aviva and Outdoorsy Partnership

By | April 10, 2018

Every day the sharing economy sees a new entrant vying for the patronage of consumers. First it was sharing rides homes bikes etc. and inevitably the trend moved to RVs and other leisure vehicles.  It’s easy to see why: RVs have always offered good value for people wanting to enjoy a good vacation without the over the top expenses that come with hotel rooms as well as the flexibility to see many places at once. For many though the initial outlay required in order to own an RV can be too high. Which makes renting one a sensible option. And so people have been doing that for several years now.

One company Outdoorsy  is taking that option one step further. This company has partnered with Aviva Canada to offer accidental collision theft and third-party liability insurance to both renters and owners . Already popular in the US Outdoorsy has now launched in Canada. This means Canadians will have a wide range of RVs to choose from while enjoying a safer and more secure rental transaction for both renters and owners. The platform also offers easy communication and safe payment transactions.

To list on Outdoorsy you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements which includes having your license for at least 8 years and passing a check or verification of your driving history. Travellers from outside Canada can also use the platform to rent RVs (all that’s required is a valid driver’s license).

As soon as your RV is listed on Outdoorsy you’ll be eligible for insurance coverage. Keep in mind that your insurance policy must be issued through Aviva (Aviva Elite). This protection is a simple add-on (endorsement) with your regular policy.

What does the Aviva and Outdoorsy insurance cover?

Aviva Canada has underwritten a $2 million third party liability insurance program as part of Outdoorsy’s launch in Canada. All the vehicles listed and rented on Outdoorsy are protected under this insurance while they’re being rented out (the owner’s personal Aviva/Elite policy will cover the RV when it’s not being rented). So if you rent out RVs travel trailers fifth wheels toy haulers truck campers camper vans park models sportsmobiles and certified Westfalia’s VW campers and vintage units your vehicle is automatically insured while its being rented through Outdoorsy. Just make sure you have a personal policy to cover your RV when it’s not being rented out.

Everyone transacting through the platform can enjoy the benefits of this insurance without the need to pay monthly premiums. It is simply a benefit that that parties enjoy for listing on and transacting through Outdoorsy. Furthermore the liability coverage has $0 deductible for the owner and the renter. However on the comprehensive and collision policy the renter is responsible for the deductible which is $1500 in the event of a physical damage claim.

The renter should also bear in mind that in addition to the general rental fee for the RV he or she will incur other charges which are normally related to renting RVs. This includes a service fee which is 10 percent of the cost of each rental booking and other fees like a late fee dirty RV fee no-show fee and damage fees which are charged only to defaulters. Check Outdoorsy for more information on this.

How much insurance do you get with Outdoorsy and Aviva?

Both renters and owners of RVs in Canada can breathe easy as they are insured for up to $2 million in third party liability insurance and comprehensive protection for interior and exterior damage. It protects the RV in case of any physical damage due to an accident or collision which occurs during the rental period. The owner can get up to the vehicle’s maximum cash value not exceeding $250000. The insurance also protects owners and renters in case of accidental collision theft and fire and covers damage due to vandalism where the interior or exterior of the RV is deliberately caused by a third party.

What are the exclusions to the insurance you get from Outdoorsy and Aviva?

Note that this insurance only covers the RV while it is being rented through Outdoorsy. If you rent it privately or through another rental service provider you will not be covered. You also must have an RV insurance with Aviva. Not sure who your policy is with? Talk to your broker .

Keep in mind that this insurance covers only the RV. It does not pay for medical costs that may arise if the person driving it or the passengers in the vehicle are injured. Also the coverage does not cover theft of luggage equipment or any other belongings (an RV insurance policy is a good option to cover this).

Repairs and replacements due to lack of maintenance are not covered. That means that preventable and maintenance related incidents such as electrical breakdowns flat tires brake failure lockout battery failure insufficient oil or fuel will not be covered by the insurance if they happen. To forestall such occurrences all vehicles are expected to undergo an inspection once in 90 days.

With your rental RV insured you as an owner or renter can relax knowing that your investment is protected.