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Welcome to RV Direct Insurance

RV Direct Insurance is here to make sure that RVers are able to purchase the proper coverage for their RV at a very competitive price, while making sure that they receive the very best in service and assistance. Over the years, we have found that general insurance companies and brokers do a pretty good job when it comes to providing coverage for automobiles and homes. Unfortunately, RV’s don't fall under either category and thus, conflicts arise.

Most insurers don’t know what RVers need for coverage because they don’t insure enough units to make it worth their while to design a proper program. To complicate things further, they know even less about repairing RV’s because their claims staff are only familiar with repairing your car and house.

So what happens to you when you have an RV claim
with a General Insurance Company?

Most people then find out that they don’t have the right coverage and as a result they are NOT paid all they should have been and not all of their property is covered. When this happens, there is usually a dispute with the insurance company and so the RVer looks to his broker for support, assistance and some guidance.

This is a difficult situation for almost all brokers, who know little about the entire claims process and virtually nothing about RV’s. The broker will no doubt try to do their best for their client, but none the less, there will be issues. Sometimes, the client ends up having to put a claim through on their auto and home policies and even have to pay two deductibles in order to receive coverage. Of course, the following year, their rates go up because they put in a claim! Other times, people even have to hire lawyers in order to get their claim covered as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED in the first place!

...which is why people, just like you, prefer to deal with RV Direct Insurance!

We know RV’s. We know RV'ers. We know RV Insurance...

We have our own certified RV appraisers and adjusters – just to make sure that we can help out if you need us to. In fact, we have NEVER had a complaint about our product, rates, claims and our customer service.

And we work hard, everyday, just to make sure that we keep you smiling.

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